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Yorkshire terrier par excellence

I am a small scale breeder/exhibitor with one or two litters a year. The male and females are picked with most care and attention to ensure the standard of show quality Yorkies. Breeding is not my sole purpose, but rather a part of the process to attain show quality and a healthy dog with a good character to exhibit.

In order to safeguard these standards I am looking to match my females with renowned international males, paying attention to their beauty, health, and reproductive qualities. Usually these are World champions, European champions or International champions. My Yorkies bare most of the best European, American and Canadian bloodlines in them. These are for example "Millmoor", "Durrer's", "Pastoral", "Caraneal's", "Majestic's", “De Majodian”, “Nicnak’s”, "Du Gue De L'Adour”, "Penghibur", “Marillions”, “Padawi’s”, “Mini Shop”, “Debonaire’s” and “Estugo’s”. By incorporating these bloodlines I have bread my own champion daughters and granddaughters.

I feel it is a great responsibility to bring these lives into this world. Yorkies will easily reach an age of twelve-fifteen. It is my task to let it become fifteen happy years for dog and owner. This makes quality at least equally important to beauty. Accordingly, the parents and grandparents are not only screened for beauty quality according to the kynologic racial standards as:

  -    a proper silky coat which is steel blue and tan coloured;

  -    a race-compliant and charming head with scissor bite;

  -    good anatomy and movement;

But also for specific criteria:

  -    the absence of specific errors that can appear in Yorkies, such as Patella Luxation (knee problems), bad bite, and breathing problems;

  -    and very important: a balanced and sweet character. Although the dog should be sweet, a bit of verve as well as soundness is sought after for the show dogs.

These are important qualities for Yorkies in order for them to be a good family member and performers in the ring.

I am a member of the largest Dutch Yorkshire Terrier Vrienden club which is member of the Dutch Terrier Union. We are complying to the breeders code according to this club, which is alligned to and recognised by the Raad van Beheer (The Dutch kynological association and international partner of FCI).

The Yorkshire terrier as a breed

Before bringing a dog into your home, it is very important to ensure that the breed suits you and your lifestyle. Yorkshire terriers have certain qualities, in character and exterior, that you should consider.

Yorkies are very dynamic. They are lively and quite human-oriented. This means they demand your attention and care during the day. They are very affectionate and love to interact with their bosses. If you prefer a dog that is quiet, laid-back, and spends its day lying down, this breed is not for you.

Yorkies are small canines. The upside is that it is easy to lift them up and bring them along with you anywhere you go. Their small size also makes them less independent. You will have to help them conquer heights and watch your step around them. Yorkies are not equipped for longs walks in wild forests either. Although the Yorkshire terrier will prefer to be walked, it is possible to learn a Yorkie to use a litter box.

Yorkies are small dogs with big characters. As any terrier they react to impulses around you and they are vigilant (inconsiderate of their size). Yorkshire terriers are curious creatures and will explore new people, other dogs and unknown corners. They have their likes and dislikes in this regard, but they love their bosses unconditionally. And they will demonstrate that love to you!

Yorkies are unique with regard to their coat. The texture of their hair is silky and close to the structure of human hair. This means that a Yorkie hardly moults (almost no loss of hair). People that are allergic to animals or asthmatic usually respond well to Yorkies.

If you would like to read more on the breed, there is plenty of literature and online content available on this topic. I can tell you that I have fallen in love with this breed from the first moment. Many people who “start with” Yorkies, find themselves wanting more of these four-footed animals. The English have a saying “you need as many Yorkies as slippers in your house”.